Vanguard Computer Technology Labs (aka VCT Labs) was incorporated in California in May 2000. The founders were associated with the University of California at Santa Barbara Electrical and Computer Engineering as students or faculty. VCT Labs is located in Goleta, California, near UCSB .

VCT Labs offers technical services for computer system hardware and software development. Contracts have included embedded system development as well as general computer system development, both for government work and in the commercial arena.

VCT Labs specializes in the application of Open Source technology to real-world problems. The dedication of many staff members to open technology extends beyond their professional duties to their personal time. Our software engineers go home and run Linux and other Open Source software on our personal computers. Several core members, including the president of our local Linux User Group are members of VCT engineering staff. VCT engineers participate as developers and user support on Open Source projects such as Gentoo Linux and Openembedded. Hardware-related personal projects include using FPGAs and arduinos for electrical monitoring of old (we like to say "classic") cars from before the era of on-board computers, or participating in the RepRap 3-D printing community.