Welcome to Vanguard Computer Technology Labs

Santa Barbara Snow

Vanguard Computer Technology Labs, Inc. is an Engineering Services company with expertise in hardware, software, process, education, and training. Staff highlights include assorted graduate degrees and several active/former Gentoo Linux and OpenEmbedded developers. VCT Labs, Inc. offers consulting and product development services for projects using Open Source technology, as well as related education and training.

Some example areas of expertise include:

  • Embedded device and firmware design, embedded Linux OS tailoring
  • New board bringup, BSP support, device drivers, kernel/bootloader mods
  • Software life-cycle and process support, system architecture definition
  • Development tools/SDKs, process tools (CM/CI, test/verification, release)
  • Security/IA accreditation and system hardening support (PAX, SELinux, netfilter)
  • System and software criticality and risk assessment, formal verification
  • Facility risk and hazard assessment, air toxics risk assessment modeling

Feel free to browse the articles and github repos, or contact us for more information. Need somewhere to start?